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"D’ARM TECHNICAL SERVICES LTD are experts in the service and maintenance of blowing machines; specializing in overhauling, troubleshooting, auditing, and processing. We have specific expertise in the following models: Series 2, Universal, Universal 2, Matrix, Evolution, and Matrix. With more than 15 years of experience with this equipment, they have developed a recognized expertise in these machines. Our personnel has been trained internally by French and German companies that are the original equipment manufacturer of PET blow molding machines.


The company is dedicated to productivity solutions and can source locally manufactured parts to the same exacting standards that the OEM specifies. Further, they locally manufacture parts to their own design that will enhance the performance of the OEM machine.  This will not only restore the machine’s performance to original specification but can increase throughput significantly."


Daniel Goodwin
Managing Director
+1905 870 3570

Regilito Pasion
Technical Consultant Director


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 Technical Support:

​​Call: 1-647-270-9114 (CANADA)

Call: 1-424-285-9726 (USA)

Call Us: 24 hours
Blowing Machine
Technical Support
USA: 424-285-9726
CAN: 416-270-9114

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