-Full information regarding the machine and it’s operating parameters will be audited, enabling informed decisions to be made regarding upgrading and or maintenance scheduling.

-We will undertake a Step by step check on the installed machine and identify the parts necessary required in order that full operation of the machine be restored to original functionality and efficiency, thus avoiding high maintenance cost and minimizing unscheduled outages.


- A precise condition report of the machine's condition, will be itemized as follows:

- list of the curative measures required to reinstate/maintain the machine's performance characteristics;

- Avoid actions required in the short period;

- Regular Maintenance items/checks;

- Estimates (material and labor) of the reconditioning work;

- Machine downtime required for performing the activities needed

- Projections of maintenance costs and lead-times, together with estimated unscheduled stoppages.





We have experience of some 50+ blow molding machines globally overhauled and returned to full functionality. These machines have been returned to service and in some cases improved efficiencies have been experienced giving greater production throughput. Our after sales customer service is second to none and in support of this we offer 24/7 on line Skype or Phone support.

We also warrant that the machine will remain functioning as closely as possible to the original design parameters, engineered and manufactured at the most competitive rates available.



There are two types of training offered by ourselves.


1. Customer: External training, which is designed for the specific site giving the requisite detail for the client to carry out normal scheduled maintenance and operation.

2. Manufacturing Company: Internal training, which provides complete information of the machine, The detail given is  designed for personnel charged with the efficient running, fault diagnosis and rectification that the manufacturer normally reserves for their own staff.


D’ARM TECHNICAL SERVICES LTD,  Will train our clients with all detail and documentation necessary for the installed machine. We will train your staff in the same manner and to the same level as the OEM company.


-Method of Operation.

-Operation and Function.

-Troubleshooting – Mechanical